"These are songs  i've heard   all my life" he states.  "these songs are my friends.  they lift me up when I feel down." 

If you haven’t heard J Roger Davis perform expect to be pleasantly surprised.  J Roger Davis got his  start as  a sales agent with Sirus XM Radio, while learning current trends in radio and the music industry.  

He attended  live shows around the city, meeting musicians and bar owners downtown and soon start performing in  Southside on Carson st.  @The Smiling Moose and @The Rex Theatre. He has also played @The Allegheny Inn and @The Roxian Theatre.


Roger has since been featured on Grassroots Radio Show with Bob and Utah @The Rock Station 97.7fm and Fostering The Spirit benefit concert  and supports Fostering Music, a non-profit that provide music lessons to foster children in Pennsyvania. 



He connected with the organizers of the largest music festival in Western, PA  showcased @Deutschtown Music Festival on the North Shore and also @The Band Jam at Cooper’s Lake Campground in Slippery Rock, Pa.